Applications - Flexible Drive and Tool

Flexible Drive and Tool

Flexible drives deliver power with precision. The weight, vibration and heat is isolated from the operator allowing a degree of freedom that is not possible with fixed drive systems with no compromise made to the drive specifications.

Flexible drives will also offer a long lasting, maintenance free solution with excellent productivity and performance.

  • Eliminate alignment problems: Flexible Shafts have no need for the tight tolerances that solid shafts require
  • Provide Greater design freedom: Limitless possibilities in positioning motor and driven components
  • Have Higher Efficiency: Flexible Shafts are 85%-95% efficient. Gears, U-Joints Belts and Pulleys give much lower performance due to greater frictional losses
  • Allow Large offsets: Flexible couplings allow only 5 degrees of offset and U-Joints 30 degrees, but with a 40-50% decline in efficiency. Flexible Shafts permit a full 180 degree off-set while maintaining their high efficiency
  • Are Light weight and powerful: Flexible Shafts have a 3 to 1 weight advantage over other design solutions while transmitting greater power loads
  • Have Lower Installation Cost: Flexible Shafts install in minutes without special tools or skills. Solid Shafts, Gears, Pulleys, and Universal Joints require precise alignment and skilled mechanics for their installations.
  • Reduce parts cost: Bearings and housings for Solid Shafts and Gears require precise machining operations. Flexible Shafts eliminate the need for such demanding tolerances and their excessive costs.
  • Are Easy To Install: Need no special installation tools.
  • Can Be Designed At The Latter Stages Of A Project: Unlike other rotary motion devices that need to be designed around because of their rigidness, defined configurations, and large mass. Flexible Shafts allow greater design freedom since engineers have only one piece to work on, eliminating complex coordination of multiple pieces

Typical Applications would be


Application 1

Control in comfort and at a safe distance

Application 2

Angle Drive and Universal Joint alternative

Application 3

Mis-alignment problems solved

Application 4

Freedom from Design constraints

Application 5

Control or power moving components

Application 6

Isolate power drive and operators from vibration

Application 7

Have the power without the weight


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