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What are Flexible Drive Shafts?

Flexible Drives (Flexible Rotary Shafts) can replace universal joints, gears, pulleys or chain drives and more.

They are used to transmit rotary power and movement from a fixed motor or gearbox to remote, isolated or misaligned devices and can work where tight tolerances are needed.

Flexible shafts replace rigid shafts, eliminating alignment problems and efficiency losses. They also allow greater freedom of design and are lighter in weight than universal joints, gears, pulleys or chain drives with lower installation costs.

New Application

Why use Fairport’s Flexible Shafts?

We have over 80 years’ experience in manufacture our own flexible rotary shafts on site in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

We can design and engineer bespoke solutions and produce drive shafts of any length and diameter with the performance characteristics you require. We work with you to provide your business or application with a robust, cost effective and maintenance free solution. No project is too big or too small and we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing a product that when installed in a customer’s application has a reputation of quality and reliability. Many of our customers have built a strong brand name from our product and this fundamental principle.

We also manufacture and supply spares for all types of flexible rotary shafts, drive cables and rotary power tools and retro fit to existing machinery.

We can work to tight deadlines or alternatively work with the customer to evolve their product through the full product development cycle including robust trails and testing in between to a timeline that suits you.

We also carry a large amount of stock for our standard range of flexible rotary shafts which enables us to provide a next day delivery service if required. We do not have a minimum order quantity so please feel free to contact us, no matter how small the job might be.

Our History

Flexible Drive and Tool have been manufacturing for over 80 years. Click the button to the right to read more about us.

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