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What are Flexible Drive Shafts?

Flexible Drives can replace universal joints, gears, pulleys or chain drives and more.

They are used to transmit rotary power and movement from a fixed motor or gearbox to remote, isolated or misaligned devices. With agricultural, food, marine, automotive, construction, industrial cleaning and bespoke design applications, your next design could benefit from the enhancements of flexible drive technology

Flexible shafts replace rigid shafts, eliminating alignment problems and efficiency losses. They also allow greater freedom of design and are lighter with lower installation costs.

New Application

Why use Flexible Drive Tool?

We manufacture our own flexible shafts on site in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

This means we can make bespoke engineering solutions and produce shafts of any length and diameter with the number of layers that you require.

We can also manufacture or supply spares for most types of flexible shafts.

Our History

Flexible Drive and Tool have been manufacturing for over 80 years. Click the button to the right to read more about us.

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